Make 'N' Sell

2008-02-12 09:52:58 by jhill-wii

Make 'N' Sell - Your satisfaction is our pride

What is Make 'N' Sell

Make N Sell is a fairly new website on the internet (not even a month old) so at the moment it is not a very popular site, but we are currently trying our best to advertise it.

Make 'N' Sell is a website where you can request art work such as: logos banners templates or anything else you would need for website, and other people that visit the site will make it for you (if you offer them a fair price). As well as this we are hoping to soon be running competitions for the best art work were we can post it on our unique art page were some of the best art we see will go.

So have a look around and enjoy

Make N Sell - your satisfaction is our pride


2007-11-11 08:04:53 by jhill-wii



2007-11-06 12:15:50 by jhill-wii


Grand openning of my site

2007-10-21 16:33:15 by jhill-wii

hey people my site openned today go check it out i am holding a massot competion.

page header

2007-09-24 16:01:58 by jhill-wii

here is the page header

page header


2007-09-08 13:39:11 by jhill-wii

HA ha HA ha HA ha HA ha


Working on a zelda flash should be done very soon.
Has been the most fun flash i have made yet.
Should last around 1min 30sec.
shall be called sprites vs sprites.


Hi There

2007-08-12 16:12:41 by jhill-wii

What I Have Submitted

Since i have been on newgrounds i have submitted two videos. Both sonic ones.
They boht are only short and only took around 3days each to make. As they are both sprite flashs i want to make a stick man movie but i am struggling to make it.
If anyone can help me to make stickmen kick and punch and other movements please message me.



P.S Watch my other 2 movies